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John Vande Velde

John Vande Velde (1968, 1972) is a two-time Olympian in cycling and the former Vice President of USA Cycling. He is the father of two-time Olympian cyclist Christian Vande Velde (2000, 2008).
John Vande Velde competed in the 1968 and 1972 Olympic Games and is a U.S. Cycling Hall of Fame inductee.  He won a bronze medal in the Pan American Games and is a three-time national champion.  Vande Velde is also father to two-time Olympian and Tour de France rider Christian Vande Velde and is the former vice president of USA Cycling.   Professionally, Vande Velde is known as the builder of the Vandedrome, a portable velodrome, and as one of the United States’ first successful professional cyclists.  He is also noteworthy for his role in the critically acclaimed “Breaking Away.”

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