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United States Olympians and Paralympians – Midwest Chapter  

Approved February 7, 2007  

The United States Olympians and Paralympians – Midwest Chapter shall benefit the Midwest Region which shall include the state of Illinois and any other states in the Midwestern United States that do not otherwise have a local Olympic or Paralympic alumni organization.   

The purpose of this organization will be:  
·         To support the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) in advancing United States Olympic ideals and competitions.  
·         To assist athletes in the Midwest Region in their training and preparations for athletic competitions and assist them in participating in local and national competitions.  
·         To promote and support local youth sports programs and assist those local organizations, institutions and corporations that are engaged in sponsoring local youth sports programs.  
·         To involve Olympic and Paralympic athletes in activities and organizations connected with, affiliated with or interacting with component members of the Olympic movement.  
·         To maintain fellowship among Olympic and Paralympic competitors, officials, managers, coaches, trainers and related personnel through association at meetings and gatherings and through publications, correspondence, computer or telephone devices.  
·         To participate generally in charitable and educational activities.            

Membership types: regular, associate, honorary and service memberships.  Regular, associate and service members may vote, while all members are eligible to participate fully on designated committees and task groups of the chapter, including the holding of committee chair positions.  

A.      Regular Membership requires that the member be anyone who has represented the U.S. Olympic or Paralympic competitor, subscribes to the purpose of this organization and currently lives, or has lived, within the boundaries of the Midwest Region.  Only regular members will be eligible to hold Executive Committee officer positions.    
B.      Associate Membership is open to anyone that has been a member of any U.S. Olympic or Paralympic Team as an official, manager, coach, trainer, or other related personnel, or who has been a member of an Olympic or Paralympic Team of a foreign nation, and now resides in the Midwest Region.   
C.      Honorary Membership may be conferred upon an individual, provided he or she supports the purposes listed in Article II and is best suited for the needs of the organization.  Honorary memberships must be approved by the Executive Board.   
D.      Service Membership is open to anyone who has been selected as a competition official for the Olympic Games and Paralympics and confirmed by the IOC and the respective International Federation. Service members are entitled to voting privileges as described in section E.      

A.      Annual dues will be $30.00 payable to the Treasurer at the beginning of each year.

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