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Steve Alley (hockey, 1976)


Former NHL and WHA player Steve Alley (hockey, 1976) is paving the way for athlete involvement at New Life Centers of Chicagoland at in the Little Village neighborhood.

"What I love about New Life Centers is that they are passionate about the positive inroads sports programming can have on reducing gang violence," Alley said. "Simply put, expending youthful energy on the athletic field has proven to reduce violence on the streets, while building self-esteem and teamwork among these youths."

Alley supported a softball league and attended the All-Star game in 2010, and will make an Olympian appearance this spring. New Life Centers of Chicagoland guides "youth, singles and families to abundant life through health, education and employment." Alley and WSC Executive Director Scott Myers are providing counseling advice for the conversion of a large sanctuary into a gymnasium to create a needed sport facility.

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