You are herePresident's Update -- Happy New Year. 2012 has arrived!

President's Update -- Happy New Year. 2012 has arrived!

By admin - Posted on 09 January 2012

The winter sport season is here and the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in London are only about a half a year away.  Our athletes are waxing skis, shapening their skates or polishing their finest gymnastics skills for competition.  Meanwhile, our active-but-retired alumni are staying involved with the Olympic and Paralympic movements through the World Sport Chicago Athlete Ambassador Program school visits, the U.S. Olympians Association's WorldFit, and by trying to figure out the latest way to engage and to inspire youth and our greater community.  That is part of what drives me to the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 8-Jan. 12.  Advanced technology sparks improvement and paves the way to the future, and that includes how tech affects sport.  Whether it's the smartphone telling athletes where to be when and showing video of their immediate participation through shared content by email or text, today's Olympic World includes the latest, greatest, revolutionary technology complete with perfected websites, blogs, Facebook pages and fan interaction portals.  It's not enough to "just compete" and to be among the best in the country or the world anymore.  Today's athlete role model is exposed through multiple media platforms and beyond print news and television, and therefore needs to be his own agent/publicist with skilled marketing capabilities.  So as I look back on the early introduction of email among athlete participants during the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, I wonder: "What next?"  (And I'm guessing tablets, backpack chargers and Internet-enabled TVs are just the "tip of the Ice Cream Sandwich" to one's personal cloud.)  We shall see.  Welcome 2012 and Good Luck for a healthy and prosperous year!

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